Walk & Cook

Tuscanwise opens 2017 with a brilliant new collaboration with italian chef and foodblogger Stefania Fermi.

Stefania is a passionate connesseur of traditional and regional italian cuisine, specialized in healthy and natural food.  Antonio Scaccio, Dolce & Gabbana’s personal chef, has been one of her mentors in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Her unique style gets you in an unforgettable experience. You can visit her blog www.fattoincasaconstile.it (homemade with style) in the english version.

Join Anita and Stefania in this brand new itinerary: A travel foodie's dream to tuscan wellness and lifestyle.

Detailed program in preparation!


Stefania at work!

Stefania at work!

Yet another prince's taste

The solar eclipse and spring equinox welcomed us today for a walk on the grounds of the estate of Villa Le Corti, in San Casciano Val di Pesa. The Princes Corsini, owners of Le Corti, exemplify Tuscan care for the land.  Their heartfelt commitment comes down to simple daily gestures, as I could observe and appreciate in our meeting with Clotilde Corsini. 


Villa Le Corti


Our scenic walk through the vineyards passes several of the estate’s poderi- old farmer’s houses- down to the river and back up the hill in the bush, past olive groves to the Villa. The vines are now organicly grown. Alternate rows are sowed with field beans to keep the natural balance of the soil, creating green and brown stripes through the landscape.

You can discover more about the villa at www.principecorsini.com although you need to be there to experience, at the end of the walk, a pleasant winetasting and light lunch in the old cellars. Sobre and refined.



The Prince's Taste


In Renaissance’s cradle even ice cream can take on a historical perspective. Florentine ice-cream makers honored the 500 years old bestseller “the Prince” by Machiavelli, Florentine diplomat and political theorist. 


Their delicious creation was elaborated using ingredients typical of the XV century: a milk cream base flavored with sage, cardamon and the aromatic liquor Alkermes. 

The term "alkermes" derives from the abab word "quirmiz", meaning the color scarlett. The liquor in fact has a bright ruby red color and a warm and spicy flavor. The origin of the liquor Alkermes is from the XV century, whereas today’s recipe was formulated in 1743 by Fra' Cosimo Bucelli, who was the director of the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. When in Florence a visit to this unique 400 year old sanctuary is a must. www.smnovella.it

You can taste the Prince’s flavor at the gelateria Perchè no!, in via dei Tavolini, Firenze.

Where there is great will there cannot be great difficulties. 

-Niccolò Macchiavelli