TuscanWise  was created out of Anita Constantini’s passion, knowledge and extensive experience. Anita personally designs each itinerary to accompany her guests in a full cultural immersion, be it through the beauty of countryside, encounters with local producers or the artisans‘ mastery. Because she is so intimately connected with the soul of this region she offers you  a unique Tuscan experience.


Italian born, Anita grew up bilingual thanks to her family’s travels. She made her home on the hills of Florence.

Sculpture is her creative medium. Since very young she has been working in Carrara marble and clay,  later in wood and bronze. You can view her sculpture here.

Walking tours, since 1999. Anita merged her passion for travel and nature with her profound love of Italy. She is eager to share her cultural roots and her taste for art and delicious cuisine. Anita is a licensed walking tour guide of the Region of Tuscany (Guida Ambientale Escursionistica).

Shopping consultancy has developed out of her knowledge of art, materials and decoration as well as her skills at researching typical Tuscan home furnishings.

Motherhood has shaped her life and has renewed her interest in childhood. She has a degree in Developmental Psychology from Sussex University, England. Among other activities  since 2008 she organizes an annual mindfulness summer camp for families in the Sacred forests of Casentino.






Anita weaves her itineraries in collaboration with master artisans, pioneering farmers, inventive chefs and passionate conneseurs of this land.

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